OEM Helmet

Just as proud as manufacturing Cairbull Pro bicycle helmets, we are also keen on providing OEM services to other sport brands, cycling clubs and racing teams. To fulfill a customer’s project is to fulfill their unique ideas, help create their own helmet categories and grow their business, or simply help present a cycling team’s racing spirit.



We start from an idea, a beautiful journey or even a joke, as long as it inspired us. Our designers tried their best to put a soul into every work, every helmet. For example, once before in our long cycling journey from Chengdu to Lhasa, we got strongly impressed by some devout Tibetans who were crawling on the roads praying. For each pray they put their hands together in front of their chests…We captured the meaning fingers’ shape and a helmet idea was just come up. And the “Faith” is showed to you.

Mould  Developing

To create a new mould, we need to draw plenty of detailed drafts based on original thoughts.  After the first 3D artwork being finished, a helmet prototype will be made to check the fitness and shaping. Necessary revise work and re-prototyping will be done before the final mould is formed. We design our own stylish helmet moulds, customers can also provide their brand new helmet concepts for us to fulfill.


Graphic Design

When customers offer their own graphic designs, we have to evaluate if they fit the structure of the selected models. A looking-perfect 2D or 3D demonstration of design may not match so proper on that structure as imagined. You will be mentioned every detail of mold structure and possible problems before taking into formal production.

Customized Accessories

We offer colorful straps, buckles, dividers etc. to make your helmet awesome. When consumer is tired of black and grey, it’s time for us to show something brighter and more fascinating.  And most importantly, we formulate the most decent colors of accessories to match the helmet itself.



A complete helmet needs to go through at least 6 procedures on a production line. Printing – shell vacuuming – shell cuts – shell being injected with polystyrene – polishing – assembling, that is a normal requested process. We apply dust-free plant for printing, have our own injection workshop to meet delivery time, make accurate cutting by skilled workers and do organized assembling, which make us more efficient.


Quality control is much more than just a word. Making complete control on each detail means we have to establish every specific rules to follow. Take water decal labeling (a special helmet decoration technique) as an example, before a piece of decal is applied on the helmet surface, we need to make criteria on the exact position and measurement for workers. Even a deviation  of just 2 millimeters should be inspected and defined as unqualified.

Packaging Details 

A perfect packaging solution highlights a brand. It’s believed that packaging is not simply a kind of protection for products, it also transfers a brand’s soul. To be featured, we offer different packaging solutions, from the basic box to the useful helmet pouch and nylon storage case , all use CAIRBULL standard materials and as customer’s designs.